Our Board

O'Connor ESC School Council

The O'Connor ESC School Council meets once each term and consists of:

  • Principal 

  • Manager Corporate Services

  • A Teacher

  • An Education Assistant

  • A Parent Representative

  • Community Representatives

Members are nominated to the Council each year. This meeting has been historically chaired by the Principal, but the parent representative signs off on the Finance Report.


Members of the Council

Cass Bender
Principal (Chair Person)
Julie Bergersen
Manager Corporate Services
Amy Broughton
Nola Harris
Education Assistant
Leah Cain
Parent Representative
Caris Henderson
Parent Representative
Kathleen O’Flaherty
Community Representative

The O'Connor ESC School Council has the following duties:

  • To accept/ratify the OESC Business Plan

  • To accept/ratify the OESC Annual Report in Term 1 or 2

  • To accept /ratify the Student Contributions and Charges in early Term 4 so they can be distributed to students two months before the student returns to school in February for Term 1

  • To accept /ratify the school priorities for the new year in Term 4

  • To ratify the OESC Finance Meeting One-Line Budget decisions each term and sign off on the decisions.

  • To be kept up to date regarding new programs, events, student enrolments in the ESC