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Bus Services

Contractor Contact Phone Numbers

Wheel Chair Bus


0488 523 165

Little Orange Bus 


0418 956 877 

Kambalda Bus

0437 869 614  to apply and for more information

Who we are and what we do?

At School Bus Services (SBS) our principle goal is to assist students to attend school regularly. The school bus services are not available to the general public, they are operated by private operators under a contractual agreement with the Public Transport Authority.  School Bus Services is responsible for providing eligible rural students and students with special needs, free transport assistance to and from school on contracted ‘Orange’ school buses. These services are critical to enable students to attend school regularly.

Education Support Services

School Bus Services (SBS) use contracted buses to transport students attending education support facilities.  They provide a door-to-door service, have a bus aide to assist students and a mobile phone for communicating with parents/carers.

To be eligible for Transport Assistance for travel to an education support facility, an education support student must, under normal circumstances:

  • be enrolled at an education support facility in a government or non government facility.

  • not able or competent to make their own way to the facility safely.

  • be regularly attending the facility

  • must use the service a minimum of 6 times per week

  • be under 19 years of age.

If you are eligible for this service and would like to apply, please visit the School Bus Services website on and click on the Apply Now button.  Alternatively if you require assistance with this application, you can make an appointment with our school administration team on 08 9068 5250.

Contact Information

Phone:  9326 2080


Address: School Bus Services

PO Box 8125

Perth Business Centre 6849

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