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Our Facilities

The school site houses both O'Connor Education Support Centre and O'Connor Primary School. Both schools run a very successful integration program that provides many opportunities for inclusion across a broad range of activities. The integration program is an 'Excellence in Education' award winner.

Sensory Gym

O'Connor Education Support Centre is fortunate to have our very own Sensory Gym.  Sensory gyms are beneficial for fine-tuning physical, motor, social and sensory skills.  Sensory gyms are fun for all kids, but they’re especially valuable for children with special needs because they provide a wonderful opportunity for them to learn to process information in a fun, non-threatening way.  Not only will these gyms help improve balance and body awareness, but they’ll also improve fine motor skills, coordination, cause-and-effect reasoning and cognitive-behavioral social skills in a safe environment.

Sensory Room

OESC also has an onsite sensory room with a bubble tube, interactive wall panel, softplay fibre optic tunnel, vibroacoustic therapy rocker, fibre optic sensory lights and many different hand held sensory objects.

There are many therapeutic benefits to sensory rooms for children.

  • It provides a fun environment for kids to be active – exercise helps children focus and learn.

  • Offers a safe space for children to practice gross motor skills  and build confidence in those skills

  • Reduces disruptive behaviors

  • It’s a safe space for kids to explore which is helpful for those with anxiety

  • Calms and relaxes, helping improves emotional regulation 

  • Enhances learning – multisensory environments activate different areas of the brain simultaneously which helps enhance learning by building neural pathways more quickly.



ESC Playground


O'Connor ESC Playground is a fully fenced, and staffed undercover outdoor playground which provides many interactive activities including a sandbox and obstacle course to engage your child's senses.  We have a purpose built shed attached to the playground that holds many playground toys such as jumbo tactile building blocks, dress ups, plasma cars etc...





Nature Playground


How exciting is our Nature Playground.  Thanks to our wonderful P&C and both O'Connor Primary School and O'Connor Education Support Centre.



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