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2024 Kindergarten Enrolments

O'Connor Education Support Centre is now taking enrolments for next year!

  • If your child turns 4 before 30 June 2024, they are eligible to attend Kindergarten in 2024. 

  • If your child turns 5 before 30 June 2024, they are required to attend Pre-primary in 2024. 

Please note, all 2023 Kindergarten students must re-enrol for 2023 Pre-primary.

Enrolment Process 

Thank you for inquiring about enrolling your child at O'Connor Education Support Centre. We accept applications year-round. We’re very flexible with enrolments to ensure your child gets the support they need sooner rather than later. As such, there is no application period to enrol them into the Centre. Simply review the information below to get started.

Before enrolment - Applying to our special needs education school in Kalgoorlie is easy. All the key information is available online – including our contributions and charges, booklists, uniforms, canteen and transportation. 

Your child’s eligibility  - Our Education Support Centre offers enrolment to students from Kindergarten to Year 6 in the following categories: 

  • students with a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability 

  • students with a diagnosis of Global Development Delay (applicable to kindergarten only) 

  • students with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and a demonstrated high educational need 

  • students with a diagnosis of a Severe Mental Disorder and demonstrated high educational need that cannot be met at their local school 

  • students with a diagnosis of a Physical Disability and demonstrated high educational need that cannot be met at their local school. 

Introductory meeting and tour  - All parents and carers are encouraged to make contact with the centre and speak with the Principal to arrange a time to meet and have a tour of the centre. This will give us an opportunity to: 

  • answer all your questions with regard to enrolment 

  • discuss your child’s specific needs and goals 

  • review all assessment reports from specialists 

  • determine possible programs available 

  • make recommendations for the way forward 

  • give you a tour of the Centre while school is in session 

Please bring copies of medical, psychological and educational reports to your appointment. These documents will help us determine whether your child meets eligibility for an education support placement. 


The enrolment process starts with a Request for Approval for Enrolment in an Education Support Facility form which our principal will help you complete. This form must be signed by the child’s primary parent/guardian, local school principal (if applicable) and our principal. The School Psychology Service must also endorse it.  Don’t worry, we will get all of this done on your behalf. We’ll also help you complete the forms as some can be a bit complex.

Documents to provide

The following materials may also be required:

  • For Global Development Delay: a report from the diagnosing paediatrician which has been completed in the six months prior to the start of kindy

  • For Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis: the reports from the speech therapist, psychologist and paediatrician

Once your application is complete, you will receive an offer of enrolment from our principal. In their letter, they will inform you that your child is eligible for enrolment, and invite you to complete additional forms required to enrol your child into O'Connor Education Support Centre.

After enrolment 

Once your child is enrolled, the principal and teacher works with you to implement a transition plan if needed to ensure a smooth adjustment or a suitable time to begin. Your child’s teacher will communicate with you directly to organise a meeting date and time for any Parent-Teacher meeting to discuss your child’s Individualised Education Program (IEP).

Please call the O'Connor Education Support Centre on 9068 5250 for further information or you require assistance. Alternatively send us an enrolment enquiry on our website.

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