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Earbus Foundation of WA - Goldfields Outreach Program

"Healthy Ears Matter" 

Middle ear infections are common in all children, in particular those 0 to 5 years. Aboriginal children have ten times the rate of ear disease of non-Aboriginal children. Ear infections can cause a totally preventable hearing loss. Hearing loss can have long term effects on language and educational outcomes. We aim to reduce the impact of middle ear disease (Otitis media) so that every young person can reach their full potential through listening and learning.


  • We will look in children’s ears and test their hearing 

  • Earbus visits regularly throughout the year 

  • The Earbus team includes Screener, Nurse, GP, Audiologist and ENT as needed 

  • Children will be seen at school by the Earbus team 

  • It’s great if family can attend appointments but it’s ok if you can’t. Your school will let you know when Earbus is coming 

  • This is a free service for schools and families thanks to our generous funders, sponsors and partners 

Teachers role... 

  • Schools collect written consent from parents 

  • Earbus attends as often as students need to be seen 

  • Schools receives ongoing reports and advice regarding student’s individual needs 


  • Families provide written consent for ear checks 

  • If there is a concern with your child, our clinical team will contact you and treat any issues they find 

  • Families can call or visit any time for follow up or concerns.

Earbus can be contacted on... 

Telephone:   08 9328 4574 



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