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School Structure

Our Centre is structured into homogenous classes including Early Intervention, Junior, Middle and Upper Primary. At O'Connor ESC, we acknowledge the importance of ongoing learning and creative expression. We believe a child’s potential is supported by an engaging environment that includes play, expressing thoughts and ideas, practicing skills, problem solving, promoting independence, role modelling, routines, security and social interactions including community access.

The O'Connor ESC Principal and Manager Corporate Services offices are located in the shared reception area in the Administration Block. 

The school has small classroom sizes with a high staff ratio.  Each classroom has a teacher and several full time education assistants. 

We also utilise the services of an Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer, School Chaplain, and School Psychologist. 

O'Connor ESC has well-appointed facilities with classrooms located in different teaching blocks throughout the school campus.  Our school uses a wide variety of technology in curriculum delivery such as smart TV's, iPads, computers and low and high tech communication devices. We also utilise our school bus to deliver curriculum activities and excursions.

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