Our school culture is professional, friendly, caring and positive promoting best practice in our work  at all times


The Staff of O'Connor ESC empower our special needs students today so they may live happier, more productive lives tomorrow.



  • Respectful and supportive relationship at all times between staff, parents and students
  • Promote school culture at all times in a professional and positive way
  • Unity amongst staff showing caring and friendship to all
  • Promote school pride to all
  • Supporting staff teams in each class and each class group working together

Promoting best practice in our work at all times

  • Positive relationship with the mainstream teachers
  • Promote inclusion in the playground and the classroom
  • Teachers and Education Assistants striving for excellence at all times
  • Staff preparing students to live productive lives in the community
  • Staff strive to help students reach their potential


The O'Connor ESC staff have the qualifications to teach all special needs students. We believe that all of our students can learn and it is our challenge to unlock each child’s ability to reach their potential. Through teaching using Planning in ABLE WA, direct instruction, Independent Education Planning and Reporting, our students have a very positive future to achieve employment and independence in the community once they leave school.


  • Be positive.
  • Show a high level of professionalism.
  • Embrace new ideas and share ideas and resources.
  • Display gratitude, respect and caring for students and staff who work and learn at the O'Connor ESC. Listen to each other.
  • Show high expectations of what the students can achieve .
  • Teachers must show effective communication and support for the teams of staff working with them. Be positive, helpful and empathetic at all times.
  • Teachers and staff should be aware that their behaviour observed with students and staff is judged by the school and local community.



  • Staff to be professional and maintain DET Code of Conduct at all times
  • Staff to maintain dress standards
  • Staff to support each other, communicate openly and respect others differences
  • Staff to use appropriate language
  • Staff to feel safe and valued and help students to feel same


Students to strive to achieve the following CIRCLE OF LIFE VALUES.  A sticker, certificate and medal is presented to each student as they achieve each value below

  • Cooperation
  • Friendship
  • Responsibility
  • Achievement
  • Caring
  • Honesty
  • Inclusion
  • Respect


  • Staff should encourage parents to work together as partners
  • Staff should communicate regularly in Comms (Communication) books and encourage parents to communicate, in person, on the telephone, or through the Comms book.
  • Parents to report absenteeism daily
  • Parents  encouraged to attend school events like family picnic day, learning journey, Awards Night and especially IEP meetings.


  • Choose your attitude, be there, play, make someone’s day
  • Positive mental health for all staff and their families
  • Best Practice
  • Effective empowered communication
  • School pride and Individuality
  • We are all in this together


Developed by the staff at O'Connor ESC